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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

May 27, 2007

Hi Victor
Yes. That's the last we heard of Patrick and Raymond Tchou too
If you have any old photos or recent photos of our classmates at reunion or Yuet Wah I would appreciate seeing them.
I took my wife and kid there many years ago just to see where I went to school
I have often wondered where all our classmates are and what they are all doing. I forgot so many names
I remember Just you, Raymond and James Lai. But so many other names have escaped me but I can see their faces as plain as day.
Tell me whatever you can about them all.

Glad to hear that Mr. Wong joined you. I do remember how naughty we all were to him.
I can still remember the day someone put those popping fireworks on the raised platform next to the blackboard where teachers had to stand to reach the board.
Mr Chow walked on them and jumped when they popped. He was always mad at us for making his life miserable.
Do you have any pictures from those days??



Hamster said...

Dear Keith and A-wai,
I have successfully contacted our dear old Ernest Geefay, just forward this to you with details of his contact. Of course I hope Ernie will not mind.
Meanwhile from your call just now I will contact Mr. Joseph Lai (Yick Sung) to find whereabout is his brother James (Yick Choi).
I will send to Ernie our pictures of our last reunion.
Victor M. Kuan

Hamster said...

Hi Leung Shing Kai
Yes. I do remember your name. I remember Lai Wing Lok's name too...and Chiu Sin Wai
Sadly though I can't place the names with the face.
I wish I had kept old photos of us at Yuet Wah. I would not have forgotten so easily
But it was over 40 years since I last had any contact so you will have to forgive my fading memories.
Here is a photo of my family. We live in California where I am a video producer.
I was in the Peace Corps , as Victor may already have told you. He and his wife visited me in Thailand about 1970
I married a girl from Thailand and we have one daughter who is getting married next year.
I am so glad that you all kept in touch. I would love to know how everyone is doing and to see any photos of you
Also, does anyone have an old class photo that you could email me. I seem to remember we all took class photos
I moved around so much after I left Macau that I lost all my old pictures
I have very nice memories of Macau back then. So much has changed that I am sure I wouldn't recognize anything.
I remember some of our teachers and priests....Mr. Wong, Fr. Rubini, Fr. Cotta, Fr. Krushner, Mr. Chow (English) , Mr. Victal, Mr. Alvarez. I remember the guy who was captain of our class. We called him Captain.
I remember our trip to Coloanne (sp) Island, the GCE exam in Hong many things are flooding back after all these years.
Please pass my email to anyone in our class who would be interested.
Maybe if you have another reunion and I can make it, I will try to come
So good to hear from you
Ernie Geefay

PS I am forwarding this to my brother Frank, who lives in Cupertino, California with his wife and two daughters.