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Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Jubilee Reunion 畢業金禧紀念


        二○一三年是英文部大熊星社(Great Bear II)畢業五十週年。半個世紀之後,約三十個同學再回到當年讀書的地方,與校長陳文彬及副校長伍助志及一班教職員等共聚。校長陳文彬對各同學回校的熱忱表示高興及對他們的成就加以讚賞。此外,校長及副校長還特別介紹粵華的創校歷史,歷任校長的功績,以及未來的發展等等。





1963 Great Bear II Club Jubilee Reunion

Chiu Sin Wai
        After half a century, we, the 1963 graduates of Yuet Wah College, members of Great Bear II Club (GBII)
visited our mother school on 2nd November 2013

         The Principal, Vice-Principal, teachers and students of Yuet Wah welcome our return. The Principal, Mr. Maung Sein Mying (陳文彬校長) briefed us the history of the college, contributions of the past Principals; and the recent development of the college. Indeed, Yuet Wah is now a famous college in Macau and is recognized by other international colleges and universities
Mr. Chiu Sin-wai (趙善威), on behalf of GBII, expressed thanks to the mother school and teachers who had taught them.  Mr. Chiu also informed the graduates' own career and achievement after graduation. e.g. four of them had successfully established their own business including shipping, garment factories, logistical company; another four had achieved medical doctors degree; three had professional degrees; four had been executives of banks and international institutions, others as Hong Kong Government officials including ICAC, Building Department, Housing Department, as well as working as senior official at Macau Government.
In addition, the class and three members of GBII have donated seven scholarship awards to Yuet Wah in the past thirty-five years.  The scholarship  funds are managed by Mr. Leung Shing Kay Keith (梁星棋), Rev Fr. Petro Ho (何廣凌神父),  schoolmates Mr. Mok Kuok Heng (莫國興) and Mr. Poon Chak Sang (潘澤生)
After the reporting, the Vice-Principal Mr. Jorge Un Se (伍助志副校長) took us a tour of the College to end the memorial occasion.
Last but not least, in response to the Special Fund Raising of the Scholarship Management Committee, the class and Mr. Leung Shing Kay donated HK$20,000.00.

 .       Thanks to Mr. Leung Shing Kay who sponsored the buffet lunch and Mr. Cheng Koon Chue (鄭觀柱) for all red wine drinks on the occasion . 
All  evening dinner expenses were sponsored by Mr. Lai Wing Lok (黎榮樂) and red wines by Mr. Leung Shing Kay .
We had had a very happy gathering and hope to meet more frequently in future.