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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

June 5, 2007

Hi Harbhajan Singh

How are you after all these years?

I have been meaning to write to you since seeing your photo with the rest of the group

I thought I'd write to say "hello" and to find out what you have been doing all these years.

I had forgotten many names and face at Yuet Wah over the years. But I never forgot you. You were a very colorful figure in my past and I remember how playful you always were. In particular I remember you and your turban. What happened to it???I expected to see you in the photograph you recently took at that Chinese restaurant wearing a turban but was surprised to see you with your white hair. I don't think I ever saw your hair before. I used to call you "Habang" in my diary because I could never remember the spelling of your name. Of course you must be related to the famous Indian Cricket player who adopted your name, right???

After Yuet Wah college Frank and I returned to the United States by ourselves. I was 16 going on 17 at the time. Frank went to San Jose State and majored in Engineering. He still lives in that area today.

I went to Saint Joseph High School in Saint Joseph , Michigan. (I stayed with a friend) This was in 1963.

It was tough getting used to going to school with boys AND GIRLS. Back when we were in Yuet Wah I don't think I hardly ever talked to a girl (not like Johnny Alveres..who was always a ladies man). Plus it was very cold in the winter

During that year I met some kids from a local Baptist Church and became very active in Church activities.

I graduated from High School (now I have two high school diplomas) the following year 1964 and enrolled in Anderson College in Anderson, Indiana.

I later changed to Ft Wayne Bible College in Ft. Wayne from 1965-1968. , Indiana (now Taylor College). and thought that I become a Christian minister.

But those were turbulent years...The blacks were demanding equal rights... the war in Vietnam , the draft, hippies and drugs By the end of my senior year in Bible college I knew I didn't want to become a Christian minister.

So I applied to the Peace Corps and was sent to Thailand.

I started off as an English teacher and later worked with several other Volunteers making television shows (sort of like Sesame Street) for children.
Some Photos from those days
Funny thing is ...I never learned to speak Chinese but I ended up learning to speak Thai. I remember you were fluent in Cantonese. Do you still remember it?

The rest of my history is here at a website I started for the members of our Peace Corps group

My Biography

So now you must tell me "What have you been doing all these years since I last saw you in l963 at Yuet Wah College. It should take you too long to tell me because it was ONLY 44 YEARS AGO.

I notice that you went to Thailand recently. What were you doing there? We visit Thailand often because my wife's family lives there.

I also notice that you live in the US now.

So please tell me about your life after Yuet Wah and what you are doing today.

So good to be found by Victor after all these years and to see everyone's family photos.

If you have a family photo, please send it to me and I will add it to our growing collection

Your old friend

Ernie Geefay

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Hamster said...

Hi Stephen

I got a nice surprise this morning...a call from Harbhajan Singh.
"Habang" as I always called him was a very colorful and memorable character in our class. He is always remembered for his fun loving humor..... and for the turban he wore everyday.

I asked him about it and he said he stopped wearing it years ago.

When I asked him what happened to him after Form III, he reminded me that back in 1961 the Indian army had captured the Portuguese colony of Goa The Portuguese put all the ethnic Indians living in Macau into an internment camp. His said his whole family was taken "prisoner". His father, who was a policeman in Macau, not only lost his job, but lost his pension too.
Shortly thereafter they were all expelled to Hong Kong

I don't remember that at all.