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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

June 2, 2007

Hi Frank
Thanks for the power point with all the photos of Modern Day Macau
I'll have to say the place has really changed.

I use to tell people if they wanted to see what old China looks like to visit Macau
I'm not going to say that anymore.
The place looks so modern and cosmopolitan now.
Like you I didn't recognize anything except a couple of old monuments.
We were last there about 23 years ago so all this has taken place since then because I don't remember seeing anything so modern when I was last there.
I was really impressed...but a little sad that all the cobblestone streets and old buildings are gone.
Victor said our old house is still there, though.

Thanks for the family photo
I put it on the photo album

Victor sent more photos of our old classmates today. I added them. I don't recognize a lot of them so hopefully someone will add their names.


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Hamster said...

Hi Geefays,
Ernie you don't have to be embarrassed if you had recommended to experience old China in Macau. We still maintain the old parts while the cosmopolitanic are mainly built in the reclaimed areas. The San-ma-lou is still what we have known with Hotel Central and Grand still standing. We have not knocked down the chopstick lanes of Kwan-chin-kai (the historic boundary road behind the Ruin of S. Paul). Many old thinks, including Victor Kuan, are still retained.