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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

June 4, 2007

Hi Victor
Wow. I'm glad you found James Lai. We spent a lot of time hanging out together back in those days. I mention him a lot in my diary. I will write to him. Several old boys are in the United States now

Peter and Paul are coming to San Francisco next week. I will be in Lake Tahoe with friends but will try to see if I can come back earlier so I can see them in SF. I'd really like to see them again. I can still recognize Paul from the recent photos you all sent
He hasn't changed that much. I didn't see any photos of Peter...or I may have missed him

Thanks for the additional photos
I recognize some people but not everyone

I didn't realize how much we all got together after school each day until I started typing out my diary and posting them
I don't know if anyone will find them interesting to read... but it's really been fun for me to read and recall things that I had totally forgotten after so many years.. (I omitted a lot of personal information that only I would be interested in and tried to include any references to our classmates or Yuet Wah)

Thanks again for sending James Lai's email address. I've added it to the growing list



Hamster said...

Hi Ernie,

Do you think I can recommend your to all for further feedback.

By the way when we were do some artwork with our camera, I remember you have a cartoon creation of a postcard drawnup of your family on a ricksaw. Do you still have it?

I have requested Keith to provide a roster of our classsmates to share among us with possible the date of birthdays and anniversaries.

Hamster said...

Hi Victor
Yes. If anyone is interested in reading what we did while we were Yuet Wah students please go to
I'll try to do them a month at a time. I think I did everyday from form III to graduation. (There's another diary book that I have to look for I hope I still have it.)

Hamster said...

Dear Comrades,

Let's thank Ernie for doing such a great job in creating the Yuet Wah blogspot. I have read every entry Ernie made in his diary and found it to be amusing. The characters portrayed in his cartoon drawings are summaries of how his days went....the kid got talent !
Remember the book David Copperfield that we had to read in our English class, Ernie's diary is our Yuet Wah version of Copperfield.

Thanks for keeping the memories alive.

Peter Chiu
700 Mar Vista Ave,
Seal Beach, Calif 90740
(562) 598-0657

Hamster said...

Hi Peter
I noticed that you are living in California!!!
I still keep thinking that everyone is either in Hong Kong or Macau
but I'm beginning to realize that our old boys are spread out over the globe now
How did you end up in California?
Does Paul live in the US too.
Sounds like your grandmother lives here so I'm assuming others from your family are here too

Hamster said...


After graduating from Yuet Wah. I was living a life of leisure with little ambition. When I turned 21 in 1967, my father finally decided that I needed to do something about my future. So he gave me an option of either going to college in England, Australia or America.
I decided on coming to the States as I heard from my mom, who had traveled quite extensively, that California had good weather.

It was not easy for me ,at first ,to be admitted to an American school due to the fact that 40 marks, a passing grade in Yuet Wah, was equivalent to an ` F ' in the US. It took some convincing to the school I applied to, that 40 marks was a passing grade.
When I got admitted, I felt like I was given a second chance in life after Yuet Wah. Despite of my poor english, I managed to maintain a B + average the first year in college. A year later, I transferred to USC.

It was still not easy for me to decide on a major. I liked architecture, but I am not good in drawing like you. Dentistry came to mind, but looking into people's mouth is definitely not for me. So I finally decided giving pharmacy a try. Believe it or not, I have been at the same location as a pharmacist/administrator since I graduated from pharmacy school. Five years ago, I was offered an opportunity to buy out all eight pharmacies that my old company owned. I made a bid but lost out to my current employer.
Looking back, I am just glad that I lost the bid. At my age, I really don't need any more headaches that come with being the owner.

The reason I ended up making my home in Seal Beach is that I didn't like Newport Beach where I first moved. Seal Beach is a small beach community next to Long Beach & Huntington Beach. It is small enough ( pop 26000) that it maintains a small town atmosphere. People from surrounding cities come to our city to relax on the weekends. Yet we are not far from bigger cities like Newport bch, Cerritos( a mostly Asian community) & Huntington Bch. The beach is only a few minutes walk from our house. Pls come to visit when you have a chance.

Again, thanks for sharing your Yuet Wah diary with the rest of your classmates. You have recaptured a period of history that we
were all participants. Good job !!!

Best wishes to your family,

Peter Chiu