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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 10, 2007

Hi ! Ernie & Frank
Last Sunday I phoned James at his home. Luckily I got contact with him who just returned from Chicago. We talked about your two brothers. But we discovered we all made a big mistake that he is another James Lai, not the one you mentioned quite often in you diary. He last name in Chinese is different from the other James, but in English they spell the same with the pronunciation a little bit high and low.
He is the James who studied with us from Form 2 to Form 5 or 6. You can find him in our Graduation photo standing next to Victor. The other James left us and went to HK after he finished the 1st semester of Form 3. Until now we have no contact with him.
I asked James Lai to give you an e-mail anyhow. But he said he will be busy for some while and is afraid to disappoint you.
Recently I attended the Graduation Ceremony of Yuet Wah and have written an article in Chinese took few photos showing Victor presented The Scholarship. Can you instruct me how to upload the article with one or two photos within.

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Hamster said...

Hi Ernie & Keith,

I'm also confused. I thought the James Lai we knew was with us from Form 3-6 not just 1 simester in Form 3 but the diary must be correct. I guess it seemed like we knew him longer. He left me with a strong impression after 4 decades for a person I know for less than a year.

Best Regards,